Counseling Cottage

Counseling Cottage Update:

We are excited to announce that the remaining funded needed to complete the Counseling Cottage has been raised. Additionally, we have been blessed with a group that will finish out the build out. Thank you to everyone who is invested in this project. It will be furnished and operational in just a few weeks. This is a key component to the WSBR program!

Opportunities at Willow Springs


Willow Springs operates solely by private gifts to provides for the daily needs of boys in crisis. Care is provided to families in need at no charge. Families are asked to help in ways that they can during this difficult time. Willow Springs is constantly amazed at God's goodness & how He faithfully provides to meet this needs. 

If you would like to participate in these opportunities to care for boys at Willow Springs, you are welcome to click on the DONATE link here or the top of the page.  If you would like to learn other opportunities, please fill out the CONTACT FORM  or contact our office at 405.258.5176.

If you are aware of a family in crisis, please point them to Willow Springs. We would be happy to share about the Willow Springs program and connect them with the best programs & services to meet their needs.

McClendon Home Relaunch

Willow Springs is preparing to relaunch the McClendon Home by the Summer 2018. Please pray for the houseparents and let the ranch know if candidates come to mind. Thank you to all our friends who have helped refresh the inside and prepare it for new houseparents and  six new boys.

Willow Springs is seeking a circle of friends to adopt the McClendon Home. Financially, it takes 10k/month to operate the home, cover full-time staff, relief staff and program expenses for 6 boys.  The cost to care for one boy is $55/day. If your family, business or small group would like to cover 1 Day ($55), 1 Week ($385), or 1 Month ($1540), please contact the WSBR office to became part of our McClendon House team.  

Your investment of time, prayer, and resources will have generational impact on families to be served in the McClendon Home. For more information, please contact our office at 405.258.8182 or email at