McClendon House

The McClendon House has been renovated and is ready to be brought back online in 2017. We are excited to serve boys and their families who are facing a crisis.  

In order for the McClendon House to become operational, an additional $10,000 per month is required to cover the costs of houseparents, relief staff, and all the costs associated to maintaining a home of six children.  There are additional costs involved that most of us to don't have in our own residential homes, yet necessary since Willow Springs is a residential child care facility.

Willow Springs is seeking a broad base of friends, family, small-groups, and businesses who would like to adopt the McClendon Home.  For the past twenty years, we have been humbled to see how our friends have championed the mission of Willow Springs and the needs in both the Liddell House and the McClendon House.  

Adopting this home goes well beyond the hard costs involved to provide this ministry. Willow Springs is seeking people who will whole heartedly invest their gifts, abilities, time, prayers, and resources.  This passionate investment will have life long impact under the roof on the McClendon House.  Willow Springs is seeking friends who will pour into our house parents and relief house parents just as much as we pour into the boys that we serve.  As experience has shown us, the friends and family of Willow Springs are equally as blessed as the boys and families that we invest  in.  It is the simple principle of sowing and reaping.

Willow Springs is blessed to have a remarkable team in place that puts our mission in the position to have tremendous impact for years to come.  We ask that you consider joining us in this mission.

Please contact our office at 405.258.5176 or email us at if you and those in your circle of influence would like to partner with Willow Springs in making a difference and having generational impact in a boys life. We would like to visit more with you about the opportunities to impact lives at Willow Springs.